Do You Need Landscape Drainage Management or Solutions?

Improper landscape drainage can have devastating effects on your property. Besides ruining your landscaping features, it can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation and other paved structures. Standing water becomes a breeding ground mosquitos and other bugs.

Bloom Landscaping is available to help you control your runoff and eliminate standing water from pooling in your yard. Through expert drainage management, we can preserve the natural beauty of your property and prevent costly water damage from occurring.

Our goal is to design drainage to control the water that comes onto your property and direct the flow to minimize any erosion and damaging overflow. There are a variety of drainage solutions that we can incorporate into your landscape.

Bloom Landscapes Drainage Solutions:

  • Install drainage flow wells
  • Connect downspouts to piping, diverting flow where desired
  • Install Rain Gardens to absorb storm water
  • Install Retaining Walls

Drainage is an important factor in designing a landscape and we take every effort to anticipate drainage needs when installing your landscape or hardscape. Erosion is often caused by undesirable drainage and grading. Aside from run-off, insufficient drainage can cause moisture soaked areas in your landscape that cause puddles of standing water.

Get in touch with us today to begin working with one of our experienced project managers. They can view your property and come up with an affordable solution to your drainage issues.

All landscape projects installed by Bloom Landscaping are reviewed by our engineers to ensure they allow for proper drainage of the property. If you are planning a landscaping project or are adding fencing or hardscapes to your property and are unsure if it will allow for proper water drainage, don’t hesitate to give us a call.