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Flagstone walkways are an eye-catching enhancement to any outdoor space or garden. Because of flagstone’s natural look in terms of both color and texture, flagstone is often chosen as an accent to existing patio areas where walkways and paths abut other types of surface materials. Flagstone is also a good choice for walkways because of its nonslip textured surface. It is important though that the flagstones are installed evenly to avoid trip/fall accidents from uneven stones. Flagstones are a good size for walkways providing easy stepping stones, and when dry laid flagstones create a permeable walking surface that absorbs water.

Benefits of Flagstone Walkways

  • Natural looking
  • Non-slip walking surface
  • Permeable surface
  • Durable
  • Can have ground cover grown in between stones
  • Variety of colors available

Flagstone Walkway Design Options

  • Straight Layout
  • Curved Layout
  • Irregular Stones
  • Cut or Milled Stones
  • Single Color
  • Patchwork Effect
  • Mortared
  • Dry Laid