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Custom Outdoor Lighting in Franklin

We design customized lighting solutions made just for your property. One of our expert designers can help you identify which natural and architectural features you’d like to highlight to give your home a stunning look after dark.

Outdoor Lighting is a very important component of a landscape design project. Having walkways and areas of your property well lit are important for the safety, beauty and value of your home. Perhaps the most important reason to incorporate Outdoor lighting into your landscape project is for safety. Entrance ways, paths and walkways should be illuminated to ensure that people can safely travel about the yard. Especially important is to have a well lit main entrance so that people can find their way to into the home with out stumbling. Pool decks should be illuminated with outdoor lighting for the safety of people around the pool at night.

Another important reason to add landscape lighting to your property is to add beauty and curb appeal. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight aspects of your landscape such as trees, water features or stone work. Landscape lighting can be used as a border to illuminate and accents paths and walkways. Lighting can also be worked into retaining walls and patio decks for a sophisticated look.

We can also use lighting to enhance your backyard areas. You can make your deck or patio the highlight of your home through tailor-made lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.

Whether you want a vibrant and well-lit area or a dim, intimate place to enjoy the outdoors, our lighting experts know just how to capture the spirit of your backyard.

Every home has unique features, and every homeowner has a unique vision for their outdoor spaces. Let’s work together to create exterior spaces that become defining features of your home. Impress family, friends, and guests, and create areas that leave a lasting impression.

Lastly, landscape lighting can add value to your home and increase its resale value. With a small investment, you could see a generous return in the future. Bloom Landscapes offers a wide variety of options for homeowners to fit all styles and budgets.

Give us a call for an exterior lighting consultation. Our exterior design experts are standing by to discuss your needs and ideas and help you reimagine your outdoor areas.