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Get the Best Trees for Privacy

With our vast selection of trees and shrubs for privacy screening, we can help you create an intimate lawn, patio, or garden to relax and entertain guests. There’s nothing quite like having your own outdoor area to call your own. A cool, shaded place surrounded by natural elements that make your property unique, welcoming, and inviting.

Trees can be applied to help you achieve instant privacy in your garden and they can be used in many ways to achieve a good level of natural screening. Here you will find excellent options of trees that will add instant privacy in your garden. We specialise in sourcing the very best screening trees, trees for privacy and instant hedging, at the most cheap prices.

When an outdoor area is too close to neighboring properties, nearby traffic, or unsheltered from the sun, homeowners are far less likely to use them for their quality time. When they take the steps necessary to achieve privacy, they become much more likely to make it the go-to spot to spend a relaxing evening or entertain guests.

No matter how difficult you may perceive the problem, we have a big selection of screening trees, plants and techniques to provide the answer.

A raised hedge is possible by using trees that have been specifically produced for this requirement. We usually recommend evergreens for this purpose which can be densely planted to achieve instant maximum effect. After planting, an extra 50% new bushy growth should be obtained within one to two years.

Let’s work together to transform your space into your private getaway. With a wide variety of appropriate species available, we’ll help you design your new private space while achieving an aesthetic that compliments your area’s existing features. Work with one of our expert landscape designers to begin planning your project today. Just get in touch, and we’ll begin designing a space that will be the envy of your neighborhood.