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New Lawns Installed the Right Way

When you’re installing a new lawn, there are two significant factors that affect the final product. Choosing the right grass, and the quality of the installation.

When you work with Bloom Landscaping, we guarantee you’ll get the perfect grass for your new yard. And we guarantee and expert installation on every job we perform. It begins with preparing the area appropriately. If necessary, we’ll conduct an expert removal of the existing grass and weeds. If new topsoil is needed, we can replace that as well.

Then the sod needs to be laid carefully, avoiding creating any air pockets. If there are air pockets in the installation, the grass will not root properly, and you’ll end up needing to replace it. Our expert installers take a great deal of care to ensure your lawn will last many years to come with proper care.

Our sod installation includes delivering the pallet, installing the sod, cutting it in, and rolling it to prevent air pockets. If your yard is in need of top soil, we can take care of that as well. We have a number of grass varieties available upon request.

We employ skilled landscapers who follow a proven, step-by-step installation process that makes sure the grass is planted correctly and gives it the absolute best chance of strong roots and healthy growth. The optimal time for sod installation is early Spring, but can be completed throughout the growing season and early Fall.

Sod Installation Process

  • On-site evaluation and measuring
  • Proper grass type is chosen
  • Sod and top soil is delivered to the job site
  • Sprinkler heads are flagged
  • Soil is tilled and prepped
  • Fresh soil is added to the yard
  • Sod is laid, shaped, and leveled
  • Sprinkler holes are cut
  • Starter fertilizer is spread
  • Irrigation process begins

If you are building a new home and need sod installation, or are considering replacing your grass, give us a call today. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll be happy with the quality of the installation and professionalism of the crew.