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Landscape Water Pond Features

Bloom Landscapes can make your landscape design stand out from the rest by adding a water feature or water garden. Running water has a soothing and calming effect and helps to drown out other background noises such as traffic or neighbors. Water gardens can be created in a variety of designs from koi ponds to elegant waterfalls. A water garden adds sophistication and value to your property. In addition to increasing your property value and making your property more appealing, water gardens and water features provide habitat for wildlife. Birds, bees, butterflies and other critters will enjoy a refreshing water source. Bloom Landscapes will incorporate a variety of plant material into your water garden to further enhance its beauty.

Water features don’t just enhance the property’s value. They can help beautify your existing landscape and natural features with custom complimentary designs. They are simple to install and maintain and can instantly elevate your space. With a wide variety of fountains and other features available, we can help you create a cherished outdoor space.

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If you have an existing pond, stream or other natural water feature on your property, Bloom Landscapes can help you add landscaping elements such as native plantings to improve its beauty and function. Professional design ensures that your pond, waterfall or fountain will be constructed and installed properly so that your water feature is low maintenance and has consistent water quality. Poor design can lead to water features that attract algae and mosquitoes.

Visit our gallery to see examples of our waterscapes. Bloom Landscapes specializes in creating beautiful, relaxing and long lasting water features. Contact us for your free consultation and to learn more about our landscaping services.

Water Gardens: Your Paradise. Our Passion.

There’s nothing quite like the serenity provided by water gardens. Imagine stepping outside your home into your very own backyard pond oasis. Sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of a running water feature as you enjoy the enchanting sights of nature. Feel the cares of today’s busy world slip from your shoulders as you relax and de-stress in your very own backyard pond paradise! Bloom ecosystem ponds and water features become the highlight of your outdoor living space. Add a touch of water to your patio with a simple patio pond or fire fountain incorporate a Pondless waterfall or an ecosystem pond into your landscape to add aesthetic appeal to your property while providing a stunning backdrop for outdoor entertaining. You’ll enjoy gathering friends and family near your beautiful water feature and witness the delight of children as they explore nature, up close and personal.

Give Bloom Landscaping a call today to begin discussing your project. One of our expert landscape designers will help you refine your vision and ultimately create the perfect outdoor water features for your home.

When you work with Bloom Landscaping, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the highest quality workmanship in the industry. We don’t just promise it, we guarantee it. Every job we perform comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the final product, we won’t stop working until you’re happy.

Let’s get started on your landscape water feature today. Whether a pond, a fountain, or a stream, let’s work together to create a beautiful new space.